Thursday, December 29, 2011

About snow and "lightbulb" mail

Tori: "Oh look! That cat dropped a note!"

Tori: "What an odd-looking creature. I'd better get this to daddy"

Stravos: "Tori dear, where were you? I told you not to wander too far".
Tori: "Sowy. But I've found this letter that a funny looking cat left".
Stravos: "A letter? Let me take a look..."

Stravos: "'Dear Mr. Von Nath...' - This is for Paul".
Tori: "Who's Paul? Do you know him?"
Stravos: "Yes, I do. We actually barely know each other. I think this will be an appropriate excuse to pay a visit".

Stravos: "So this is what Coltrane was talking about".
Paul: "Yes... It is hard to explain".
Stravos: "Allow me to read it for you".

Dear Mr. Von Nathusius,

I cannot believe winter is already upon us. We’ve had our first snowfall today. It breaks my heart to see even some of our hardiest plants did not make it. I suppose it is something that cannot be avoided... but I digress. I had to make the best of it so I made a snowman instead.

I have since been trapped indoors because of the sleet and slush that followed the snow. My friend Minerva suggested that it will be the perfect time to get some studying done. So studying I did! 

With her help, I was able to get our hands on some of these “fantasy literature”, in the hope of gaining some insight to your world. Though as I read them I wonder how accurate these are... after all, they are mere fiction in our world. I find it impossible to believe that any creature would be afraid of strawberries... perhaps you can shed some light on this subject?

Are you really afraid of strawberries? … How is that possible? According to my readings, vampires are beings that live for a long time... is that true? If so, would that mean you are much older than I would imagine then?

This... “electronic mail” sounds fascinating! I am unfamiliar with it, though we do have electricity. It is mail that can light a lightbulb? That couldn’t possibly be what you mean? We use mail and telephone for communicating with people that are far from us.

That just sound so boring doesn’t it? Our world is so mundane and uninteresting really. No “vampires” or lightbulb mails. I suppose it might have something to do with our era difference? Please, do tell me more fantastical things that we probably do not have here. Tell me about your fascinating colleagues too!

All the best,

Stravos: "Interesting. A girl from the past communicates with you through letters".
Paul: "Or so we believe. Glenn is not around for tonight. Could I ask you to write for me?"
Stravos: "Sure".

Dear Tomato (please, let me know if I'm being impolite with you),

You may notice that the handwriting is different this time. It is still very skilled calligraphy. I guess it is time to tell you that I haven't been the one writing the letters so far. Allow me to explain: I am blind. I speak the words and my trusty partner writes down for me. His name is Glenn, but tonight, another gentleman offered to take his place. His name is Stravos and he's a very nostalgic alchemist.

It finally snowed here. It has been a really abnormal winter. I believe the weather now is more unexpected than a hundred years ago. We had a snowstorm yesterday.

I find nice that you are studying about my species. I admit I chuckled some at the strawberries part. Some people believe we are afraid of garlic, but this is not actually true. We're not afraid of garlic, or holy water, or crosses. Just sunlight. I can stand being outside for some minutes, due to my age, but younger ones combust within the first seconds of contact. Therefore, we are night creatures.

Stravos: *chuckles* "Lightbulb mail... Sounds interesting. Did you ever dream about emails back then, Paul?"
Paul: "Not really. I had no idea where technology could go. So I can understand why she cannot grasp the definition of 'e-mail'"

Electronic mail is a lightning fast way of communication. You need a keyboard (pretty much like a typewriter), an interface (a screen, instead of good old paper) and internet connection (it's like a network linked by electronic wireless technology).

Stravos: "Paul, I think this is too much for her".
Paul: "Hum, I guess it will be hard to explain anyway... I'm sorry, I can't find a way to explain it in "lightbulb" terms".
Stravos: "Guess you're right".

It sure sounds fascinating. It's still fascinating for me, who can't catch up with the newest advances of technology. Coltrane, another friend of mine, is more into it. He's also younger and likes new tendencies.

Please, do not believe your world is mundane. I remember 100 years ago, how life was still exciting. People and events make it exciting, don't you think?

Stravos: "Paul, there is something I need to tell you. Tori saw what seemed to be a cat holding the message".
Paul: *ponders* "It makes sense. Cole found cat hair strands in the previous ones. But I don't believe it is sensible talking about this messenger on this letter".
Stravos: "How will you send it back?"

Paul: "Didn't Cole tell you? With pies. We actually ran out of pies, so we'll have to try something else instead, equally tasty. Or so humans say".
Stravos: "I approve of that".

I hope this letter reaches you, like the previous ones. Thanks for allowing me to take a peek into your world: your past-times and friends. It is always a pleasure exchanging correspondence with you.

Sincerely yours,



  1. Beautiful pictures, especially the ones in the snow. The one with Paul sitting in the street is my favorite. How long did you have to wait for him to be covered like that??

  2. Thank you Itseva! Actually not much! The snow storm was real and he was all covered in like 5 min (I put a little bit of snow on his hand though).

  3. Tori is very cute in the snow! The picture in front of the computer looks really cool too! I like how Stravos convinced Paul to stop explaining about email XD

  4. I love the way the text bellow the photos complement each other so well. I almost can see everything in "live action" Very good! <3 Let us see what Dear Tomato response to this : ).