Sunday, January 15, 2012

You must be joking?

It is a snowday!

Tillo: Ooh!

Tillo: Hey Hobocat! Didn't know you're back!
Miss Tomato has been waiting for a reply!!

Tillo: So so so?!?!?

Hobocat: Well.... um......

Hobocat: .... I don't have it.

Tillo: You don't have it? You mean... they didn't write back?

Hobocat: Well... I might have erm....
.... dropped it on the way there.

Tillo: Dropped it?

Tillo: DROPPED IT?!?!?!?!?!

Tillo: Miss Tomato is going to be so upset!!!!!! HOW COULD YOU HAVE DROPPED it?!?!?!

Tillo: LET GO~
Hobocat: I KNOW THAT. You FEATHERBRAIN of a bird!!

Tillo: I'm not a bird. I'm a Tillo!

Hobocat: .... I don't get you at all.

Tillo: Well... how did you drop it then?

Hobocat: Well it was snowing really heavily over there. I was walking and thought I saw something....
I ran and dropped it...

Hobocat: When I went back to check later and it was gone!

Tillo: Someone picked it up?? You should go to their house anyway!
Maybe they picked it up! Or maybe they wrote a reply anyway!

Tillo: Or maybe you can tell those crazy flower-eating people what happened and have them just write you a new letter?

Hobocat: You Crazy? I can't let them catch me. Who knows what those crazy people will do to me?!
There was this guy who keep poking at the letters I brought with things and I saw him hiding around the area where they left the treats out hoping to catch me.

Hobocat: These are crazy people I am telling you!

Tillo: Hm. Oh I know!
You take some strawberries with you and frighten them off! I hear these "vampires" are afraid of strawberries.

Hobocat: .....

Hobocat: Well I guess it can't hurt to have a look anyway.
Who knows? Maybe I'll get a treat out of this afterall.


  1. This is epic!! The pics are so nicely compose with text. I really enjoy reading this story! Can't wait till next part:)

  2. Looked like you had a lot of fun taking photos in the snow there :D The dialogue is fun too!

  3. Thank you both! :D It was very epicly cold! At one point Tillo had snow in his eye sockets and both dolls are soaked to the resin skin. XD And this is the first time I had to to do post processing for the photos cuz they were actually not super. XD

  4. Totally worth it though! The story is great and I just love how expressive both of their posing is. As a posing-n00b, I greatly admire that skill.