Thursday, March 8, 2012

In my young days...

Coltrane: "Hmph... I almost caught that cat!"
Paul and Glenn: "???"

Coltrane: "Another let- Heh, is someone attending a funeral?"
Paul: "... "
Coltrane: "It was a rethorical question. I actually don't care."

Glenn: "Were you talking about a cat?"
Coltrane: "Right. I've got the letter from veggie lady. The cat slipped away..."

Paul: "So it is true. You were chasing that creature."
Coltrane: "Ugliest cat I've ever seen in my life. I think it shifted dimensions or something. Oh yes, this is for you".
Glenn: "Give it to me."

Paul: "Coltrane, listen. Stop scaring that cat. It won't come back if you keep it like this!"
Coltrane: "I need that cat! For greater science!"

Glenn: "Would you all shut up and let me read it?"

"... I suppose I should stop here.

With my best regard,

Glenn: "There are strange things mentioned in this letter... Machines with a life of their own... "
Coltrane: "These people deal with magic. Also, I forgot to mention it, but that 'padmaraga' word... It is a Sanskrit word. We're talking about a parallel universe with different physic laws".

Glenn: "What did she mean with being 'invalid'? She can obviously walk, see, talk, hear..."
Paul: "I hope that term means something else in that world. Glenn, do we have time to answer this?"

Glenn: "Of course. Humans can wait".
Coltrane: "..."

Dear Tomato

I am glad to know that the letter has reached you. I myself was turning quite anxious about it. It is very sweet of you, taking care of orphans and reading stories for them. You seem to be a very good girl: attending school and at the same time selflessly helping the most needy. I commend you to keep going, as long as your youth and strength will allow it.

Is it too rude to ask what are 'invalids' where you come from? I am almost afraid of asking this. I am invalid as I can't see, but since I have my partner, Glenn, I don't give it much of a thought.

If I'm important in my group? Not really. I believe we must be humble, regardless of our species or age. Do you know what it means? It means thinking you are less important than the rest of the people. It is one of the principles for which I abide my life.

While electronic devices and other technological advances do make human life easier and sometimes more exciting, I admit I miss certain things from the past. For instance... Instead of spending hours communicating through wireless impersonal devices, people used to have real life contact: They enjoyed playing, and talking, and sharing experiences... Everything face to face.

Instead of being each in their own world, family members used to spend quality time together, and actually cared about each other. Instead of dinning in front of a screen, they sit down at the table, and prayed.

I hope I am not the one rambling now! Your letters always bring me joy, and I will be looking forward the next one.

Best regards, Paul

Coltrane: "Paul! You should attach a picture! That'll blow her mind!"
Glenn: "That is actually a good idea!"
Coltrane: "Of course. It is my idea".
Paul: "I'm not so sure about this".

Coltrane: "Oh come on. I'll take it. And open your eyes, will ya?"

Glenn: "A cellphone?!"
Coltrane: "Do you have a Mamiya or a Hasselblad?"
Glenn: "... Not here".
Coltrane: "Then don't complain!"
Glenn: "Don't forget about the rule of thirds and all that".
Coltrane: "Yah, yah... "

Coltrane: "There you go. Finest photography paper. You make such a cute couple."
Glenn: "Instagram?! Are you out of your mind?"
Coltrane: "They'll flip out. I'm sure they are using crappy Leicas".
Glenn: "But the lack of light, and poor resolution... Did you call Leicas 'crappy'?"

PS: Coltrane thought it was a good idea attaching a photography of me and Glenn.

Coltrane: "Good to go! By the way... Don't give this thing any more pies and sugar. We don't want to keep on poisoning the little guy".
Paul: "Cat treats?"
Coltrane: "But of course! Tasty and yummy! Now go to your party, it's getting late by human standards".

Paul: "I'm actually very concerned..."
Glenn: "You're not alone on that one".


  1. The cat ALWAYS comes back! The very next day!

    This was adorable, as always (if you can say that about such fine, handsome men). I love the shot of Paul barefoot, talking to the children. :D

  2. Are those actual cat treats? I'm thinking of chicken nuggets when I see that ^^; Very nice photos and great outfits! I wish I could rock that suit and tux the way Paul and Glenn does in them. Love the snow pictures and the BF in the blue hoodie! I'm assuming Tommy?

  3. Thank you guys!

    Flamebyrd: I'm glad that you liked that shot :3 And I hope the cat comes back, indeed XD

    Lightning Sabre: Yes, those are real cat treats, hehe.

  4. This is so valuable (whole) story. Lot's of things we all think but rarely talk about. So nice composed together. Lovely pictures (as always). Waiting for next part:)

  5. A tasty and yummy episode indeed! I love how the story unfolds slowly, and how the mysteries from both universes are referred to in an understated way so we don't learn too much about them at a time...
    I feel intrigued, however, just as Paul is: could it be that Tomato describes herself as "invalid" because she lacks some... psychical? ... magical?... ability that ordinary people do possess in her world? So it goes with magical worlds! No answer needed: anyway, I love mysteries!

  6. Super late response D: Thank you so much Efa and Tororo! Next part will be a challenge for both of us ^^
    Also, you've got a good point there, Tororo! Teeheehee