Saturday, November 12, 2011

Answering Tomato

Glenn: "Hum, what is this?"
Paul: "Did you find something?"

Glenn: "Just noticed this letter on the desk."
Paul: "What does it say?"

Glenn: "It looks like a letter from a child".

Dear Sir/Madam,

How do you do? My name is Padmarascha Greene, only most people call me Tomato. I was told that there are other worlds that exist with the most strange things and people that I cannot even begin to fathom. Where pictures moves or fires starts themselves with a clap.

I am not convinced that this is indeed true, however I am very interested in hearing more of these stories if it is indeed the case. I look forward to receive a reply from you.

Padmarascha Greene

P.S.: Do you eat flowers for dinner?

Coltrane: "The hell was that?"
Glenn: "A letter from someone who apparently lives in outer space. Maybe this will give you one more piece of evidence for that theory you were studying about parallel universes."

Coltrane: "How funny of you."

Coltrane: "But just in case... I'll take it to investigate it."

Paul: "Maybe we should write something back?"

Coltrane: "Yeah, sure... Glenn, take note. 'Greetings, dubious foreigner who obviously speaks the English language. My name is C. Holland and I live on the third planet from the Sun -which is an almost perfectly spherical star that contains hot plasma and is located in the center of the Solar System, at the same time contained within the Milky Way galaxy-. Said planet is called Earth, and... '"

Paul: "Coltrane, don't be preposterous!"
Coltrane: "You don't get sarcasm, do you?"
Paul: "Go away and study that piece of paper."

Minutes later

Paul: "Glenn, take note. I'll be the one answering it."

Dear Miss Greene,

It is a pleasure to meet you, and even more through the use of this so evocative medium that is about to become extinct -a mail letter. My name is Paul Von Nathusius, but everyone simply calls me Paul. I wonder myself how this letter arrived to my hands. I myself don't believe in the existence of other alien races, but a good friend of mine...

Paul: "No, strike that."

.... An acquaintance of mine believes in the existence of parallel universes. In the world in which I live the wonderful things that you mention don't happen, but other miracles occur. I in particular belong to a race which is called 'Vampire'; the world is primarily populated by humans though - the race that I previously belonged to. I now feed from blood but I'd rather not talk about that. I'd rather talk about the wonderful things that surround us, such as the sound of the sea or the laughter of a child, or the purity of the snow when falling during winter...

Glenn: "Paul, no offense, but this sounds gay... Just make it short and sweet."
Paul: "Hum, then strike that last part as well."

I enjoy playing and listening to music. I also like reading good stories -or rather, being read to-. I really do not like talking about myself, so what about you? Are there any fantastic stories about the world you live in? I look forward to a response from you.


PS: I almost forgot... Some people actually eat flowers for dinner!

Glenn: "That should do. So how do we get it back to this Tomato girl?"
Paul: "Hum, good question... How did you find it?"
Glenn: "It appeared on this desk."

Paul: "Then leave it here. Maybe a nice treat will attract the messenger of this letter."

Glenn: "You know Paul, you are just too naïve and gentle, for being so old."
Paul: "I'll take it as a compliment."

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  1. Love the way these guys interact <3 Made me smile! :)