Friday, November 18, 2011


Story 1
Lamina, “ scare you away. I'd rather become friends with you: I wished there were more girls interested in culture like you do. Take care, both you and your messenger friend,


That was it, sir!

Story 1
???: …? Oh, thank you.

Lamina: What is on your mind?

???: Hobocat must have travel through the Thelon. This letter is tingling with its energy resonance. The question is, do you think these people on the other end can trace his steps back here?

Story 1

Lamina: I shouldn’t think so, sir. Mr.Hobocat is a traveller and that is a special ability. I don’t know if anyone else can cross the Thelon without driving themselves insane. Even less to break out of it to the other world in one piece.

???: Indeed... well put the letter back where you found it then. Do take care not to let Tomato know that we have read it before her.

Lamina: You got it sir!

Story 1

???: That’s a good kitty.

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  1. Ahh, this dimension just got veeery interesting!