Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another unexpected letter

Paul: "Why is entertainment so violent now?"
Glenn: "Violent? Are you serious? Don't you remember the cockfighting and bull baiting we had a couple of centuries ago? Those were bloody entertaining too".
Coltrane: "Paul!"

Coltrane: "You won't believe this! A new letter like the one you answered the other day appeared on the table".
Paul: "Is that so?"

Glenn: "Can you read it?"
Coltrane: "Wait, before I start -I did analyze the previous one."
Paul: "Any interesting findings?"

Coltrane: "I made a graphology study and this girl doesn't seem to be insane at all. Just a regular girl in her early teens. Then I gave the letter to Stravos, and he said it was made using sulfite pulping. Later on I asked a professor at the University to do some radiocarbon dating and... "
Glenn: "You are unbelievable. Long story short?"
Coltrane: "It was writen at the beginning of the 20th century."

Glenn: "You gotta be kidding me. It looked brand new".
Coltrane: "I know, and that is my main concern... "

Paul: "What does it all mean? That the person who wrote the paper was right and she comes from another dimension?"
Glenn: "Sci-fi much?"
Paul: "Let's just read the new one, shall we?"

Dear Mr. Von Nathusius,
I hope this letter finds you well.
I must say I was not really expected a reply. This sure came as a pleasant surprise!
From your letter I gathered that mail are not common for you and I cannot imagine why? Surely the people in your world would want to communicate with others who do not live close by?

.. About myself... I am but a simple girl in school. I don’t have any impressive talent other than growing plants. One of the duties I am entrusted with here is to look after an impressive green house, we grow a lot of different plants in here... we gather them and do research on them. You see, we use a lot of different herbs in our daily lives.

I used to do a lot of reading to younger children, and having done that, I can safely say I prefer reading to others than being read to. Seeing the listener’s change of expression as you tell the ups and downs of a story is quite a reward in itself. I also enjoy music, though since I am not a player of any musical instrument I’d just have to settle with listening. Music and literature, I suppose we do share more things in common than I’d expect.

I hope this letter will find its way to you again.


P.S. Our little messenger enjoyed your pie a lot. Many thanks.

Coltrane: "This is as funny as it is bizarre."
Glenn: "Can't believe the pie thing actually worked."
Paul: "The letter was sent to me. I suppose I should write a reply."

Paul: "Glenn, could you write again? I don't want her to get confused about the handwriting."
Glenn: "Guess you're right. Cole, can you look for my quill?"

Dear Miss Greene,
It was a pleasant surprise to get another reply! You seem to be a good girl. I know a couple of people who share with you the same enthusiasm towards plants. I, unfortunately, don't pay the necessary attention to them. Shame on me!

So you like reading to others? That is such a kind gesture. I wish young people nowadays would read more. They are just too busy dealing with other activities, not as nutritious as reading...

Coltrane: "Ask her if she knows about a war among the world's greatest powers, or if she knows about crossword puzzles, or the existence of the short-wave radio.."

Glenn: "Coltrane, wouldn't it be easier to ask what year is it?"
Paul: "Wouldn't it freak her out?"

Glenn: "Maybe."
Paul: "I'll ask anyway."

I was talking with my colleagues, and we all agree there is a certain... Difference between our worlds. We believe we come from different eras in time. My comment about mail letter referred to a fairly recent invention called electronic mail which allows people to communicate in an immediate fashion. Is there such a thing where you come from?

It is not my intention to scare you away. I'd rather become friends with you: I wish there were more girls interested in culture like you are. Take care, both you and your messenger friend.


Glenn: "Guess we should find another pie."
Paul: "I wonder who is this messenger she talked about... "
Coltrane: "Someone who can cross dimensions, for sure... "


Paul: "Coltrane, don't set up any surveillance cameras!"
Coltrane: "Stop reading my mind!"

Glenn: "Guys, calm down. Let's see if we'll get another answer again. This is really turning interesting."

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  1. Your posing of the vampire characters is wonderful!