Sunday, November 27, 2011

Surely there is an explaination for everything?

Tomato: Ooh. Is that what I think it is?


Dear Miss Greene,
It was a pleasant surprise to get another reply! You seem to be a good girl. I know a couple of people who could share with you the same enthusiasm towards plants. I, unfortunately, don't pay the necessary attention to them. Shame on me!

So you like reading to others? That is such a kind gesture. I wished young people nowadays could read more. They are just too busy dealing with other activities, not as equally nutritious as reading...


I was talking with my colleagues, and we all agree there is a certain... Difference between our worlds. We believe we come from different eras in time. My comment about mail letter refered to a fairly recent invention, called electronic mail which allows people to communicate in an immediate fashion. Is there such a thing where you come from?

It is not my intention to scare you away. I'd rather become friends with you: I wished there were more girls interested in culture like you do. Take care, both you and your messenger friend,



Dear Mr. Von Nathusius,

I cannot believe winter is already upon us. We’ve had our first snowfall today. It breaks my heart to see even some of our hardiest plants did not make it. I suppose it is something that cannot be avoided... but I digress. I had to make the best of it so I made a snowman instead.


I have since been trapped indoors because of the sleet and slush that followed the snow. My friend Minerva suggested that it will be the perfect time to get some studying done. So studying I did!

With her help, I was able to get our hands on some of these “fantasy literature”, in the hope of gaining some insight to your world. Though as I read them I wonder how accurate these are... after all, they are mere fiction in our world. I find it impossible to believe that any creature would be afraid of strawberries... perhaps you can shed some light on this subject?

Minerva: I know it is supposed to be fantasy but really. Someone really should think before they just... make things up.

Minerva: Let me go look for more books, this can't be right.

Tillo: They eat flowers and are afraid of strawberries?!

Are you really afraid of strawberries? … How is that possible? According to my readings, vampires are beings that live for a long time... is that true? If so, would that mean you are much older than I would imagine then?

Tillo: Ta-da! Lightbulb!

This... “electronic mail” sounds fascinating! I am unfamiliar with it, though we do have electricity. It is mail that can light a lightbulb? That couldn’t possibly be what you mean? We use mail and telephone for communicating with people that are far from us.

That just sound so boring doesn’t it? Our world is so mundane and uninteresting really. No “vampires” or lightbulb mails. I suppose it might have something to do with our era difference? Please, do tell me more fantastical things that we probably do not have here. Tell me about your fascinating colleagues too!

All the best,


  1. Love that second photo! Really similar to the last chapter :D

    The flow of the story is different each time too. Like how the letter just ends the story.

  2. Really enjoying these - can't wait to see what else they learn about each others' worlds :D

  3. "I know it is supposed to be fantasy but really. Someone really should think before they just... make things up." Too funny!